Austem established the environment plan as understanding that the balanced development of environment preservation and company growth is the social responsibility of the Company, and Austem applies the plan to all company activities
Austem understands the environmental influence of overall business activities and continuously pushes ahead the activity to prevent and improve the environmental pollution.
Austem conforms to the management standards of business places and the environment related laws.
Austem focuses on the improvement of major environmental factors as follows.
- To prevent water and air pollution, to save energy and to reduce waste in business activities.
- To consider the environmental influence in the development and design of products.
Austem executes appropriate training and education and secure the communication system to make all employees actively participate in the activities to improve the environment.
Austem opens the environment plan to the relevant parties and induces partners to perform the environment-friendly production.
Apr. 2000 Executed environment evaluation by department.
Jun. 2000 Set the environment management system.
Applied and executed the separate waste gathering standard.
Oct. 2000 Applied and executed in-house standard for water and air pollution.
Jan. 2001 Acquired ISO 14001 for environment management system(kfq).
Special management for in-house environment regulations related to environment related laws.
Jul. 2001 Built the waste storage house.
Made VA agreement.
Oct. 2001 Supplemented the facility to cope with the reinforcement of sewage facility
discharge standard.
Apr. 2002 Prevented the pollution by gas emission(disclosed refuse consumer).
Sep. 2002 Replace by clean fuel (supplied city gas).
Dec. 2003 Contracted a campaign of GEF.
Aug. 2004 Built a new waste water treatment facility .
Sep. 2006 Built a new facility for preventing air pollution from E/D coating .
Jan. 2007 Operated a lawful waste system.