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Environmental, Quality Management


Environmental Management

Austem established the environment plan as understanding that the balanced development of environment preservation and company growth is the social responsibility of the Company, and Austem applies the plan to all company activities

ISO 14001 certification
ISO 14001 made by International Organization for Standardization is global standard about Environment Management System. Austem acquired ISO 14001 in 2001.

Major environment campaigns
● Austem has tried to prevent environmental pollution with understanding environment pollution by company
● Austem obeys the laws related environment and management policies of plant.
● Austem follows the action plan to improve environment as below
- Should prevent water and air pollution, should reduce energy consume and waste
- Should consider effect of environment for developing new product
- Should set up communication system to encourage employee’s participation through education and training
● Inform the environment policies to the interested party and lead outsourcing companies to do eco friendly activities

Quality Management


Austem makes every effort for enterprise quality innovation and assurance as understanding that quality assurance is the best way to accomplish the responsibility to the customers and society and it is the goal of management.

Major environment campaigns
● Implementation of systematic quality system through acquirement of international quality certificates(ISO 9001, ISO/TS16949, etc.)
● Execution of multi-functional team(MDT) for optimizing the development of products
● Quality assurance and improvement to minimize FIELD CLAIM.
● Systematic quality training for all employees.
● Weekly quality meeting for quality stabilization of partners.
● Proposal for continuous improvement.
● Preventive quality activity through implementation of statistical process management system.