Social contribution

"AUSTEM has been practicing corporate social responsibility"

What is matching grant?
Austem and Children's foundation is the distribution campaign that makes each employee's donation as a matching grant to live with having hope to low-income children of Chungnam.

The beginning of distribution is ?
In April 2006, Austem makes donation of 6,000 USD monthly after awareness of donation culture among all executives and staff members.With various volunteering activities, Austem makes a contribution to spread of donation culture

Sponsored children ?
Austem support low-income children to overcome a poverty and to be member of the community.

Society contribution activities of Austem are proceeding with common program that is hosted by major relavant corporation together to be effective and efficient

The more happiness share , the hotter it is and the more it adds, the bigger it is. We'll do our best to be a happy society with synergy effect made by Austem