"To become a global leader in specialized automotive parts    Austem"

Austem is an advanced technical automotive supplier producing core vehicle components such as Steel Wheels, Body Panels, Seat Mechanisms, Chassis parts, and SiC DPF for diesel vehicles. Austem has been a producer of disc Steel Wheels since 1990. By fulfilling customer requirements and with the use seam welding technology, and high technology systems and processes such as laser, and magnetic welding, Austem has become a global company.


Now ~ 2009
2008 ~ 2000
1999 ~ 1996
1995 ~ 1990
  • Global competitiveness top

    Austem contributes to society with high technology and services for customers

    2014 Established plant in Chengdu, China
    SOY Awarding from GM
    2013 Established plant in Yantai, China.
    SGM Best Supplier Award
    2011 Established (O'zauto-Austem) in Uzbekistan
      Established plant in Jeonui, Sejong-city
    2010 Best taxpayer of the year(Ministry of Strategy and Finance
      The 20th anniversary since it was found in 1990
      Took over Khancera co., Ltd
  • Global Austem

    Austem is extending into the world as a shining leap and is growing

    2008 Established Pos-Austem in China.
    GM Supplier of the year awards
    Established plant in Gunsan, Korea
    2007 Selected GM Delta II Project supplier
    2006 Added a subsidiary called Seatek Co., Ltd
    2005 Established ACM Co., Ltd
    Changed the name of a company from Yoonyoung Co.,Ltd to Austem Co., Ltd.
    Acquired certificate ISO/TS16949
    Changed representative director from B.C.Kong to J.W.Kim)
    Ministry of Commerce is a specialized part of the company.
    Registered GM Supplier
    2003 Selected as a blue-chip company(Korea Technology Credit Guarantee Fund)
    2002 Best taxpayer of the year(National Tax Service)
    2001 Selected as the best company(Export-Import Bank of Korea)
    Won an award for excellence in technology based industry (Ministry of Commerce.)
    conclusion of seatpart contract with Hannil co., Ltd.
    Selected as a Renault Samsung’s developer
    Acquired certificate ISO14001
    Be selected as one of the excellent company as a result of corporate assessments
    2000 Produce JCI SEAT MECHANIMS of U.S.A
  • Establishment of foundation

    All employee’s have passion for global Austem

    1999 Produce by HYDRO-FORMING method (QS9000 certified)
    Produce 3,500 TONS TRANSFER PRESS
    1998 D-100PQ II of DAEWOO Motor
    Be selected venture.(small and medium business administration)
    1997 Acquired certificate 100PPM(small and medium business administration) Approved Headlamp ECE standard
    Technical tie-up with HDT of U.S.A.( (HYDRO-FORMING method)
    Registered KOSDAQ
    Install more PRESS 2 LINE
    Build the administration building and relocate
    1996 Participate in new car project of DAEWOO motor(LANOS, NUBIRA, LEGANZA)
  • Start Austem

    History of Austem starts.

    1995 Produce Seat mechanism
    Receive commendation. (Industrial Advancement Administraion.)
    Acquire certificate ISO 9002
    Approval establishment the R&D center
    1993 The association of combined employee stock ownership
    1992 Produce Body panel and Chassis components
    Produce Disc wheel
    Relocate to the office from Ahnsan to Cheonan
    1991 Start to build Wheel disc building
    1990 Incorporate

Management ideology

  • “Austem recognizes customer satisfaction as a most important metric and will become one of the world-leading automotive suppliers in the 21st century"

  • Our goal is to be cordial, pleasant, kind, and deliver honorable service.
    Challenges for the future include:

    • The development of outstanding personnel, and technologies.
    • The realization of customer satisfaction with top notch competitiveness.
    • To provide major economic contributions in the countries in which we operate, and to do so in an environmentally conscious way that benefits mankind.

  • Establishment of advanced corporate culture

    • Clean & safe workplace
    • Making. Doing, and Improving Principles and Rules


  • Effective Management

    Achieving Target on Commencing Mass Production For New Car
    (Good quality, Delivery in time. Cost)

    Introducing Responsibility & Management System by Business Divisions

    Progressive cost reduction

    Strengthening of internal capabilities

  • Specialization of outsourcing system
    Reinforcement of R&D Capability (New technology)