Welcome to AUSTEM

CEO greeting

"AUSTEM all be the company that allways puts first customer satisfaction"

With the mottos of Warm. Nice. Clean, and Irteresling Austem and Always With Smile. Austem was first estabkshed on March 1990. Since the complelion of steel wtteei disc production lines at Chunan. we have manufacJured body panel, chassis (hydro-forming process introduced), and seat-related assemblies.

Amid the global competition where less competilrve companies cannot survive, we all Austem make our way to marvagement innovatioa

Through partnerships and strategic alliances wth foreign advanced companies, we endeavor to develop new technologies with resped to automotrve to lead the New Millennum. All these efforts focus on wofld-leacfcng competitiveness in terms of price, quality, and technology lo meet expectorations from both sharehoWers and customers.