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Chassis and module

Chassis Module improves ride comfort and stability by absorbing shocks that may occur during vehicle operation, and has a steering function at the center of the steering wheel as a reference, such as TOE-IN, CAM ANGLE, KING PIN ANGLE. This is located on the vehicle and lower the MOUNT ENGINE, BODY, CONTROL ARM STEERING GEAR such as SUBFRAME.


This is a component which is used in SIDE MEMBER, UNDER BODY, it is installed at right angles to the traveling direction increase the rigidity and serves to prevent torsion or bending of the front and rear or right and left direction


This is the role of the control arm for the movement of the wheels (Wheel Tire), and ball joints (Ball Joint), the rubber bush is fixed to the vehicle body (Body) Axle or the like (Bush). The Arm is in the upper and lower pair and said upper arm (Upper Arm), the lower arm below (Lower Arm) to above.


This is referred to support the weight of the vehicle over the wheel axle and also known as a device for transmitting power of the wheel. Fixed trough bearings and bearing help to rotate the wheel or the gear shaft. The small and medium vehicle 2, a large vehicle is equipped with three or four depending on the application. Usually divided into front axle (Front Axle) and rear axle (Rear Axle), Front axles serves as the vehicle weight allotment, direction control, the driving force transmitting something. The rear axle are again divided into the drive axle and the dead axle, drive axle serves to share the weight of the vehicle and transmits a driving force to the wheel of the dead axle is only serves to support the weight of the vehicle.