R & D

System engineering process

Development time, design quality, economical price define competitiveness of products. It is necessary to apply optimization design with Cad/ CAE. Austem R&D center satisfies customer’s needs with design equipments such as Unigraphics, Catia and applies optimization design through structural, durability, dynamic, and stamping analysis.


  • Unigraphics/Catia 3D detail Design Component and Module
  • 3DCS Assembly Tolerance Analysis

Design Optimization using CAE

  • MSC Adams : Dynamic Analysis Vehicle Movement and Loadcast
  • OptiStruct : Modal, Mobility, Architecture, design optimization through a rigid evaluation
  • Isight, Opti-Optimization : Stiffness, strength, endurance derive optimal designs through association analysis
  • N-CODE : Through the analysis of reproduction endurance test product durability predictions
  • ABAQUS : Architecture, design optimization through a rigid evaluation
  • LS-DUNA : Dynamic plastic analysis to simulate structural, stiffness, Crash performance
  • Pam-Stamp: Pam Stamp Optimize production process and Die Design
  • Improvement reliability by correlating Test and Analysis

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