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Plants of AUSTEM

Austem, as a global corporation, have established 2 manufacturing plants in China and have further launched a plant in Uzbekistan which is strategically located for opening up current and future business in mid-Europe and beyond. In 2010, Austem have agreed to on M&A with Khancera, a company which was originated from LG Chemical DPF division until 2008. Khancera is now part of the Austem family which in turn creates a synergy effect on energy reduction and eco-friendly ceramic material business.

Chassis & Module

Absorbing the shock and damage from driving, it improves comfort and stability while you drive

Front and Rear Module/Front Cradle/Rear Axle/ Front Lower Control Arm/Upper Control Arm/RR Link

Body structure

It sustains automobile’s body and weight and keeps automobile’s stability

Rail Assembly Front and Rear /Body Panels / Door inner Front and Rear

Seat Structure

Seat protects drivers from external shock, at the same time, works maintaining the comfort

Track Ass'y / Recliner Ass'y / Pumping ass'y / Latch ass'y / Cushion & Back Structure Assembly

Steel Wheel

Steel Wheel supports automobile’s weight and transmits driving force to ground

13 ~ 17 inch Wheel

High-Tech Ceramics

SiC DPF is a core device to reduce PM dramatically from diesel vehicle

SiC DPF / SOFC / MCF / Stationary Catalyst


Austem R&D Center has the high technology in field of development, CAE and reliability test. Besides, Austem provides four engineering package service to our customers.